Ramsey wind farm could power 5,000 homes

MORE wind turbines could soon be built in Huntingdonshire with Ramsey the target for additional turbines capable of generating sufficient electricity for 4,000 homes.

Whittlesey property developer Fivestone Limited has applied for planning consent to add four 126.5-metre (415ft) wind turbines to the single windmill beside a cold store on the B1040 St Mary’s Road.

Together the new turbines would have a capacity of up to 7.2 megawatts and, in combination with the existing turbine, would have a capacity of up to 9 MW. The four additional turbines would power 4,000 homes for up to 25 years, the promoters claim.

Once the development is completed, with the exception of the turbine bases, control building and access tracks, the site will be able to continue to be used for agricultural purposes.

“The proposals would make an important contribution to achieving national renewable energy targets, as well as those set for the region,” Fivestone has told Huntingdonshire District Council’s planners. “Furthermore, the scheme would make a noticeable contribution to the energy security of the UK.”

The first turbine on the site was given planning permission 20 years ago, with its 125-metre replacement being approved in 2004.

Fivestone says the rotor blades would be made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic. “The turbines will be coloured in a pale-grey, low-reflectivity finish typical of UK wind farms. The selected colour is widely accepted to have the least visual impact.”

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Even though the wind farm would dwarf a standard UK pylon, the applicants tell planners: “Energy generated by the turbines will be connected to the grid via the substation by underground cables, thus preventing unnecessary visual impact.”

They say the new wind farm would take between eight and 12 months to build and connect to the grid.

“The proposed development at St Mary’s Road fulfils the Government’s aims in ensuring security of energy supply and decarbonising electricity generation. In turn, the existence of such wind farm development seeks to meet the rising demand for electricity in the short to medium term and help to provide a downward pressure on electricity prices by providing additional electricity capacity.”

The company says it is committed to providing community wind farm funds designed to benefit worthwhile local community projects, “the applicant has invited the local community to consider how it would wish to see any secured benefits allocated”.