Ramsey to rename park after Queen Elizabeth II as part of Diamond Jubilee celebrations

RAMSEY could be one-of-a-kind when one of its parks is renamed the Queen Elizabeth II Playing Fields to commemorate her majesty’s 60 years on the throne.

Ramsey Town Council plans to change the name of the Mill Lane Playing Field to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June.

Town clerk Gary Cook believes the town could be the only place to have playing fields named after Queen Elizabeth II and King George V.

Mr Cook said: “We would be one of the only places to have parks named after these monarchs so Ramsey would be quite unique.”

Mayor, Councillor Lisa Duffy, added: “It’s an amazing honour for us to rename a field after our queen. To have a long lasting commemoration is superb and I feel fortunate to have a field to call after her.

“We have an awful lot of events organised and the town has always joined in with previous jubilee celebrations with a lot of passion.”

Ramsey is one of 1,000 places in Britain to rename a park after the queen for the Diamond Jubilee as part of the Fields in Trust project to protect green spaces in towns and villages, a scheme supported by Asda and Cambridgeshire ACRE.

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Mr Cook hopes that funding from Asda will pay for a new sign to be unveiled as the town celebrates the jubilee in the first weekend of June.