Two Abbey College students have sacrificed Christmas presents this year to fund essential provisions for homeless people in Cambridgeshire.

Twins, Olivia and Daniel Humphreys have donated two rucksacks full of toiletries, food and clothing to the homeless this Christmas.

The two Year 7 students were inspired by the Countdown to Christmas initiative which the school started this year.

As part of the initiative, students in each form group chose a number between one and 25 and were then responsible for bringing in the item that was publicised on their numbered day. Items have ranged from toothbrushes, to gloves and bottled water and were all collated together into a rucksack. It is hoped there will be more than 40 complete rucksacks donated to the homeless, plus the additional two from Olivia and Daniel.

Andy Christoforou, head teacher at Abbey College, said: “I am very proud of Olivia and Daniel. They have gone above and beyond our expectations of them.”

The bags are being donated to the community group Love and Humanity, which will distribute them.