Ramsey College takes part in international research project

Sarah Noble

Sarah Noble, the leader of the project - Credit: Thomas Evans

Staff at Abbey College, in Ramsey, have taken part in an international research project – Restoring Respect through Music Education (RRME). 

The project, a strategic partnership co-funded by Erasmus+, aims to close social exclusion gaps by adapting the ‘Il Sistema’ music programme to include values of restorative justice of equality, social inclusion, diversity, power sharing and non-discrimination. 

Staff at the college fed back on a number of issues they thought were most affecting disadvantaged students currently in the UK. These included Covid-19 school closures and digital poverty. 

Andy Christoforou, headteacher at Abbey College, said: “We are thrilled to be involved with a prestigious international research project which encourages the interaction and integration of many different communities. 

The project research was conducted with schools in Romania, Turkey, Cyprus, Germany, Spain and the UK. 

Once research is complete, RRME will produce an innovative training programme for educationalists. This will support the integration of students and young people who are at risk of exclusion, with a particular focus on those from migrant and refugee backgrounds.