Funding to support mental health at secondary school

Lisa Gregory and the MindFit team.

Lisa Gregory and the MindFit team. - Credit: ABBEY COLLEGE

Abbey College in Ramsey has received a donation of more than £2,000 from The Ramsey Foundation to ensure students can access support from mental health not-for-profit organisation, MindFit.

Lisa Gregory, part of the Welfare and Safeguarding team at Abbey College, said: “We are thrilled to receive this generous donation from The Ramsey Foundation. It is so important for schools to help their young people overcome mental, physical and behavioural issues and this donation will make an incredible difference to all our students’ needs.

Alan Dods, chairman of The Ramsey Foundation, said: “We know that around one in eight children and young people experience behavioural or emotional problems at some time, and it's important that schools receive support from their community to properly manage this.

“It's clear to see that student wellbeing is a priority at Abbey College and staff go above and beyond to create a safe and trusting environment. We’re so proud to be able to support this initiative.”