Abbey College students set challenges to raise NHS cash and stay well

Ramsey Abbey College studens held challenges to raise money for the NHS

Ramsey Abbey College studens held challenges to raise money for the NHS - Credit: Archant

Secondary school students in Ramsey have carried out activities to improve their wellbeing and raise money for the NHS.

Abbey College’s PE department has set up challenges for pupils and staff since the lock-down on March 20.

The challenges set so far have included using a hockey stick to do keepy-uppys with a toilet roll, kicking a teabag into a mug, and spinning a basketball on your finger.

The department have set these challenges using an Instagram account and asked students and staff to send in short videos of themselves completing the challenge.

As part of their latest challenge, the department encouraged students and staff to take part in the Run 5, Donate 5 and Tag 5 trend, where members of the public were encouraged to use their daily exercise to run 5k and donate £5 to the NHS Charities Together Campaign. The college has raised £250 for the charity.

Ben Pugh, Abbey College’s head of PE, said: “We know how important it is for students to keep active, both for their mental and physical health.

“The idea started with a few small challenges you could practice at home, but the enthusiasm from students has meant that we have now also raised a significant amount of money for charity.

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“I am so proud of how well our school community has coped during this time. It’s been fantastic to see our students learning new skills and having a bit of fun to boost their mental health.”

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