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 Julie Ambrose, a volunteer and Dee Porter, one of the Trustee’s at The Hospital Ward shop. 

Left to Right: - Julie Ambrose, a volunteer and Dee Porter, one of the Trustee’s at The Hospital Ward shop. - Credit: Archant

Ramsey has been described as ‘a welcoming town’ and local residents have been happy to get back into the shops again, as lockdown restrictions have eased.  

Karen Gammons and son Richard, who run Peter H Gammons, in Great Whyte, said they were delighted to have reopen their furniture shop.   

Left to Right: Richard Gammons and Karen Gammons, two owners of P H Gammons in Ramsey 

Left to Right: Richard Gammons and Karen Gammons, two owners of P H Gammons in Ramsey - Credit: Archant

Karen said: “We are two of the four partners at Peter H Gammons, my husband Chris and my other son Matthew are the other two.

“My father-in law opened this shop in 1959, so we have been here since then and he retired in 2009.  

“It is lovely to be open again but it has been a bit odd for us as there were things we could do still in lockdown such as fitting carpets.”

Dee Porter, who is one of the trustee’s at The Hospital Ward shop on Great Whyte was also thrilled to welcome customers back into her shop again.  

Dee said: “I love retail, but especially working in a community shop like this, if someone comes in and they are homeless we will kit them out with whatever they need. 

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“We collect donations and then sell these at low-cost prices, we like to help the community, we are a community shop. 

“We donate to local groups where we can, such as the local youth groups, old people’s groups, dinner and lunch clubs.  

“Obviously this year we have been shut but we have still been donating, because they still need to keep open and keep the volunteers going. 

There are two other trustees, as well as Dee of The Hospital Ward shop, who are Hazel Greenwood and John Greenwood and Julie Ambrose, a volunteer who helped out in the shop with Dee.

Kellie Waterman son Ronnie Richardson, two residents from Ramsey and her

Kellie Waterman son Ronnie Richardson, two residents from Ramsey and her - Credit: Archant

Kelli Waterman, 33-years-old, from Ramsey and her sons Ronnie Richardson, two, and Eden, aged four, were standing outside the Barbers on Great Whyte waiting for the boys to get their hair cut.  

Kelli said: “We are really looking forward to going back to Frosts for some cake and going to the café.  

“We are really happy that we can finally do this.” 

Darren Williams, joint owner of Pet Havens with his dog Angus 

Darren Williams, joint owner of Pet Havens with his dog Angus - Credit: Archant

Darren and Pauline Williams, joint owners of Pet Havens, have been open during the pandemic lockdown. 

Darren said: “We have been established in Ramsey for 11 years now and have been open throughout the pandemic lockdown.  

“I think the pandemic has been very interesting for Ramsey, as we have actually been seeing an increase in footfall even throughout the lockdown period.  

“People were very cautious about going in the larger stores and they were finding they could get most of their shopping in Ramsey. 

“I think we are really lucky as we have the butchers, the bakers, the post office where you can get most of your weekly essentials in Ramsey. 

“We certainly noticed an increase in footfall in our store and turnover throughout the lockdowns.” 


Jennifer Hewell, Lollypop lady in Ramsey - Credit: Archant

Jennifer Hewell, Lollypop lady in Ramsey has been thrilled to get back to work, she said: “It’s been really good, the children are really excited to get back, and back to see me.  

“The children really like me being here, to help them get safely across the road.”  

Richard Hyde, who is retired and owned GB Hyde + Son in Ramsey for many years, said: “Ramsey has always been a welcoming town. 

“People will always smile at you when you enter the shops, I know that people are still wearing masks at the moment, but they will see your eyes when you enter the shops which is always great.

“The town council have done a brilliant job with all they have done to support the community.  

"Also the Ramsey Neighbour Hood Trust and the Rotary and those sort of organisations have really pulled through.”