Ramsey gets dedicated Speedwatch team to combat fast drivers

A new Speedwatch team is hitting the streets of Ramsey to stop motorist speeding on roads in and around the town.

The Ramsey Community Speedwatch, which has four volunteers, has been authorised to carry out speed checks following a four-month training period under St Ives and Ramsey sector volunteer, David McCandless.

During the team’s first three sessions they checked more than 200 vehicles and reported 34 for speeding.

Team leader Martin Lovell, 64, said: “We have seen a lot more drivers take notice of the speed limit, and all the pedestrians who pass us are all in favour.”

New teams are also being trained for Ramsey St Mary’s and Ramsey Forty Foot, but volunteers are needed for Bury, Ramsey Mereside and Ramsey Heights.

INFORMATION: To volunteer visit www.cambs-police.co.uk/roadsafety/speedwatch