Ramsey councillor rules out second bid for UKIP leadership

Lisa Duffy, second from left, appeared on Question Time.

Lisa Duffy, second from left, appeared on Question Time. - Credit: Archant

Ramsey councillor, Lisa Duffy, has announced she will not be standing in the new election to find the next leader of UKIP.

Lisa Duffy on Question Time.

Lisa Duffy on Question Time. - Credit: Archant

Speaking on BBC Question Time last on Thursday (October 20), the mother-of-six said she had made “some serious considerations”, but that she was going to focus on her own community instead.

“I’ve made some serious considerations, but I think other people are going to come on board like Paul Nuttall and Suazanne Evans, so I think I’ll leave it to them to run this time,” she told the panel in Hartlepool.

“I will focus on my community and celebrating 50 years of Christmas lights and getting those lights up this year.”

The news comes after a tumultuous few weeks for the party in which elected leader Diane James stepped down just 18 days after the result, and returning favourite for the post, Steven Woolfe, resigned from the party.

Ms Duffy stood in the first election to be leader and came second to Ms James.

“We are going through some change at the top of the party at the moment, highly embarrassing in some points and really strong in others,” Ms Duffy said.

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“By November 28 we will have very strong National Executive Committee, a new party leader, and really be pushing on and selling ourselves to the electorate for 2020.”

As part of her appearance on Question Time, Ms Duffy also discussed the presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in America, and the UK’s progress with Brexit.

“I don’t think we’re moving fast enough and if I had become leader of UKIP I would’ve been pushing our party to keep pushing for the repealing of the 1972 European Communities Act and getting the decision-making in the hands of our parliament, and not getting 27 European states trying to agree round a table.

She added: “We’ve got countries lining up to trade with us, let’s get on with the job please.”