Hospital Ward Charity shop says 'huge improvement' in donations

Dee Porter the Manager of the Hospital Ward charity shop

Dee Porter the manager of the Hospital Ward charity shop with volunteers Mark Lister and Margaret Heaney. - Credit: Archant

The Hospital Ward Charity shop in Ramsey say they have noticed a huge improvement in donations and footfall in recent weeks.  

Manager Dee Porter says it has been "busier than ever" and d it has been great to see people donating all sorts of items and then other people buying them as way of investing in the high street charity shops.  

Hospital Ward charity shop 

Hospital Ward charity shop - Credit: Archant

Dee said: “The running of the shop at the moment has been going absolutely fabulous, we have had plenty of donations because in lockdown people have been clearing their sheds and their lofts.  

“We have no end of stuff coming in, so we have been able to improve the quality of the things we have had donated which has been better. 

“We have also just had the shop painted, so that’s a bonus and lots of new volunteers, people who have decided to finish working. 

“We would really like to encourage people to keep shopping local as it really makes a big difference.”