Rabbits dumped at Wood Greenn Animal Shelter

RABBITS as young as eight weeks old were abandoned in an animal centre’s car park.

Wood Green Animal Shelter is currently caring for the 15 rabbits after they were left at the Godmanchester centre in the early hours of Saturday (September 22) morning.

They are believed to be a family of a mum, dad and two litters between the ages of eight weeks and five months.

Since arriving at the centre they have all been examined by a vet and are being cared for by Wood Green’s small animal team.

They will be available for rehoming once they have been neutered and vaccinated.

Head of Small Animals, Marie Channer said: “This is a situation many pet owners are finding themselves in because their animals have not been neutered.

“There are numerous advantages to neutering your rabbit, the obvious being that it prevents unwanted pregnancy. We would like to urge everyone to get their small animals neutered.”

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INFORMATION: Call Wood Green Animal Shelter on 0844 248 8181.