Puppy’s ear “cut off with scissors”

A TEN-week-old puppy has been taken to Wood Green Animal Shelter after being found with her entire right ear missing.

The tan-coloured terrier, named Conker by staff, was found in Fen Raod, Chesterton on Sunday by a member of the public who took her to the Godmanchester-based animal charity.

Staff were horrified to discover her ear was completely missing and the wound extremely infected. Veterinary experts at the centre said it was “quite likely the ear was removed using something like a pair of scissors”.

Conker will stay with one of Wood Green’s dedicated foster carers while her infection clears and until she is ready to undergo the essential reconstructive surgery.

Head of animal welfare Shelley Brooker said: “We cannot imagine the horrendous pain and suffering Conker has endured in her very short life. Despite being put through such horrific physical and emotion pain, Conker still loves people and remains a very happy and playful puppy. We will do everything we can to ensure Conker makes a speedy recovery and gets the essential reconstructive surgery she needs before finding her the loving home she deserves.”