Pupils given the chance to work with animals as part of farm partnership

Sawtry Village Academy pupils at 'homegrownandraised'

Sawtry Village Academy pupils at 'homegrownandraised' - Credit: Archant

Sawtry Village Academy has signed a two-year contract to work with a family-run farm to deliver an animal care course for pupils.

The new partnership will provide opportunities for students to develop skills around animal care, with a view to progressing onto further study.

Once a month, staff from homegrownandraised, which has a smallholding in Cambridgeshire, come into Sawtry Village Academy with animals such as lambs, ducks and pigs for the students to learn about feeding, growing and tagging – all activities which help work towards the qualification.

The farm has also provided the school with an incubator and 17 duck eggs which the students are caring until they hatch.

Helen Donald, from Sawtry Village Academy, said: “The great thing about the animal care course is that students can recognise their involvement in caring for animals in any situation.

“It’s great that we have homegrownandraised on board to help deliver the practical side of the course. Our students get so excited each time they come in – there are lots of different activities involved which can be adapted to meet the students’ individual situations and needs.”

Julie Millard, owner of homegrownandraised, added: “We are delighted to have entered into partnership with Sawtry Village Academy. The opportunity to work with children to gain a qualification in animal care is something very close to our hearts, and we look forward to broadening this part of our business to involve more schools in the future.”