Pupils at St Anne’s Primary School, Godmanchester strike gold

YOUNGSTERS in Godmanchester struck gold during an archeological dig in their playground.

GOLD DIGGERS: Youngsters in Godmanchester struck gold during an archeological dig in their playground.

The golden goblet topped the hoard of finds, which also included bits of broken pottery and a bracelet, unearthed by pupils of St Anne’s Primary School at the dig last Thursday.

Teacher Pauline Barker explained that not everything was quite as it seemed. Staff had planted some of the items beforehand, though there were a few surprise finds.

The dig launches a term-long topic on the Romans, which will culminate with a Roman day.

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Miss Barker said: “We were looking at how we can find out about the past, and we asked the children what they thought was in the ground, then we moved on to talk about archeology.

“We decided to hold our own big dig. The children walked around to find out where they might like to do it. Then we arranged for a JCB digger to come in.”

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As well retrieving artefacts, pupils washed each item and studied them using magnifiers and computer technology.

Each find was recorded and then put on display for parents and fellow pupils to admire.

Pupils also got to take a closer look at an archeologist’s kit.

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