Pupils are ‘wowed’ as school opens new library


A new library has been opened at Warboys Primary School.

The ceremony was carried out in the run up to Christmas by members of the parent teacher association and the head teacher, Angela Boxall.

“With so many keen readers, our old library was worn out,” said Mrs Boxall.

“We are lucky to have had such a generous donation from our PTA and the Warboys old school board to kit out and stock a new room to such a high standard. Children helped to design the library and included colourful seating, a range of display shelving and a long list of very specific book requests.”

In addition, photo canvases and painted murals have given a personal touch to the new facility.

Assistant head teacher, Sally Pawley, added: “The ‘wows’ from the children as they saw the room for the first time made the long months of planning and hard work from so many people so worthwhile. The children were too busy reading new favourites to add anything further.”