Public warned over burglary concerns in the area

Police crack down on burglary in day of action

Police crack down on burglary in day of action - Credit: Archant

A detective has urged residents to report any concerns or suspicions to police, even if they think it might be nothing, as part of today’s county-wide day of action against burglary.

Detective Inspector Jamie Stenton said the information given could be the last piece in the puzzle that brings a burglary series to an end.

The day of action is part of Operation Raptor, the force’s drive to tackle crime and protect the public.

There will be a whole range of prevention work, including door-to-door visits by PCSOs and Special constables, giving out advice/materials, crime prevention stands and high visibility patrols, as well as stop and searches in ‘hot spot’ areas.

Last year there were 411 burglaries in the county in February but detectives want to reduce that number by making it harder for criminals.

DI Stenton said: “Tackling burglary can be complex and our response can’t always be perfect, but it is a priority for the force and we are committed to taking the fight to the offenders.

“Victims of burglary are often left traumatised and think they have been personally targeted. In 13 years of combating dwelling burglary, I have found burglars generally don’t target properties but often pick houses at random and seek maximum reward with minimal effort.

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“So don’t give them an easy ride; secure yours doors and windows, secure tools in your garden shed, as these are often used to force entry, and keep an eye out for your neighbours.

“Report anything you find suspicious, as we often get our best results from piecing together small bits of information into a large jigsaw puzzle. What you think may be useless information about a suspicious vehicle, for example, may be exactly what we need to bring a burglary series to an end.”