St Ives pub manager uses verse to reflect on lockdown

Neil William, from the Golden Lion pub, in St Ives, has produced lock-down poetry.

Neil Williams from the Golden Lion pub, in St Ives, has produced lock-down poetry. - Credit: COACHING INN GROUP

The manager of a pub in St Ives has produced a poem to reflect on his thoughts and feelings during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. 

General manager Neil Williams, of the Golden Lion Hotel in St Ives, has turned to verse to help keep everyone’s spirits up. 

Neil and fellow general managers from the Coaching Inn Group. the company that owns the Golden Lion Hotel, have starred in a video which presents the poem. 

Neil said: “We really are one big family and are all keeping in close touch with one another through social media.” 

Chief executive Kevin Charity said the 10-verse poem about the hotels and their team members very much reflects the strong sense of camaraderie felt within the Coaching Inn Group.

“We can’t wait until the day we can reopen. The Golden Lion which now plays such an important part in the life of the community.” 

To view the video go to the Coaching Inn's Facebook page:

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