Priceless heirlooms stolen from eight Huntingdon homes

Burglars targetted eight homes while families were on holiday.

Burglars targetted eight homes while families were on holiday. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Families have returned from holiday to find priceless heirlooms, jewellery and photos have been stolen during a spate of burglaries in neighbouring Huntingdon streets.

Thieves have targeted EIGHT homes in Stukeley Meadows in the past four weeks, with seven of them in the last couple of weeks.

It is thought most happened while people were on holiday.

High-value items appear to have been the target, specifically jewellery and watches.

In the latest break-ins, a home in Thirlmere was targeted between 2.50pm on Thursday and 2.50am the following day, as well as a home in Salon Way between 7pm on Thursday and 9am on Friday.

Jewellery, a laptop and an Apple Mac were stolen.

Other homes broken into were in Grasmere, Wertheim Way and Stickle Close.

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In all eight cases, burglars smashed their way through back doors and windows.

Det Con Jo Grant said Huntingdon’s Priority Crime Team had set the Stukeley Meadows burglaries as a priority.

She told The Hunts Post: “Additional police resources have been put in place to gather information, investigate leads and provide reassurance and preventative patrols to catch the persons responsible.

“Items that have been taken include electricals but mainly jewellery and, in particular, gold jewellery.

“It is of note that some very personal items have been taken and these include jewellery that was inherited, and also photographs of weddings and births that are not copied and cannot be replaced.”

Det Con Grant said the burglaries had a lasting impact on the victims.

“Long after the glass is swept up and the locks are changed these victims are left feeling unsafe in their home.

“Words that one victim used that will stick with me were ‘We don’t have a lot, but what we do have we work really hard for, It’s not about the value of things it’s the fact that somebody has come into my home, touched my things and taken personal belongings that are worth very little in monetary value but are worth everything to me and are irreplaceable’.

“Another victim described how she has lost the first year of her son’s life in photographs after her laptop was stolen.

She said they could have the laptop but the photographs and memories that go with them are gone forever.

Det Con Grant said: “The majority of these burglaries have been committed

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