Praise for boy who rescued woman from Warboys pond

A BOY waded into a village pond to help rescue a woman who was in difficulty.

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service said crews from Ramsey and Huntingdon was called to the pond at Mill Green in Warboys at 10pm on Wednesday (August 29) following reports of a person in the water.

Firefighters arrived to find that a woman had been helped from the water by a boy who had waded into the edge of the water. The woman was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Eddie Theaker, watch commander at Huntingdon, said: “Fortunately this incident had a happy ending and I’d like to praise the group of teenagers who stopped to help the woman out of the water.

“This incident shows how dangerous it can be to jump into water as it is impossible to tell how deep it will be, or what dangers may be under the surface. It is very easy to get into trouble in the water and not all incidents like this have such a happy ending.

“Although the actions of the rescuers in this incident were admirable, often people will put themselves in danger trying to rescue someone, which often ends tragically for everyone involved.

“Our advice if you see someone in the water is to not put yourself in any danger as well – call 999 first and look for anything that can be thrown to the person in the water to help keep them afloat.”

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