A discount store has closed its doors in Huntingdon to make way for a rival retailer to set up shop.

The town’s 99p store, in High Street, shut last month paving the way for Poundland to move into the premises, making it the national chain’s second store in the town.

The move to keep both stores open, just 160 metres from each other, is a part of the brands buy out of 99p stores in 2015.

A Poundland spokesman said: “Poundland will be keeping both sites operating which are situated in St Germain Walk, Huntingdon and in High Street, Huntingdon.

“Both sites are very popular with customers and we want to continue to offer the people of Huntingdon with more choice and amazing value every day.”

As a part of the change 11 members of staff have transferred to work for Poundland and three jobs were created.