More than 2,000 potholes need repairing in Cambridgeshire

The pothole Laura Hodson's son had hit on the A141 opposite the Broughton turn off with an ice scraper showing the depth.

The pothole that Laura Hodson's son had hit on the A141 opposite the Broughton turn off with an ice scraper inside to show the depth. - Credit: Laura Hodson

Roads across Cambridgeshire continue to be plagued by potholes, with more than 2,000 outstanding and in need of repair. 

Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) retained a £2.7 million budget from the last financial year to assist the repair work, but as of May 20, 2,243 potholes remain unrepaired.

In May of last year, there were 1,064 outstanding reports of potholes across the county and a year on, the number has more than doubled.

Cllr Alex Beckett, Chairman of the Highways and Transport Committee at CCC, said: “We know how important our roads are, which is why, earlier this year, we committed to continue to tackle the maintenance of our roads, bridges and footpaths by maintaining spending levels – this includes more proactive treatment as well as pothole repairs.

"We are also looking at the latest technology for our condition surveys and data collection to anticipate and address highways issues."

The council website states that any potholes reported to them will be inspected and marked with paint to indicate repair time.

A side-on view of the pothole opposite the A141 before the turn-off to Broughton.

A side-on view of the pothole on the A141 opposite the turn-off to Broughton. - Credit: Laura Hodson

Yellow paint indicates the pothole will be fixed within 21 days, and white paint indicates it will be fixed within 13 weeks.

County bosses revealed that the number of potholes filled and repaired in 2021/22 was more than 47,500, compared to 61,500 repaired in 2020/21.

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Warboys resident, Laura Hodson, said her son had hit a large pothole on the A141 opposite the turn-off to Broughton, which cracked his wheel and caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

Despite others also hitting the pothole, CCC told Laura it had not been reported.

Laura said: "If it had been a motorcyclist, it could have been lethal.

"I just feel like I've been fobbed off at every stage, and the way they've repaired it is appalling, and you have to go over it, you can't avoid it."

"I get that all the roads are coming up to a point where there are lots of potholes and winter plays havoc, but it's at the point when it's not just a blow-out, it's a completely cracked wheel."

A spokesperson for CCC said: “Along with our dedicated Highway Inspectors, we also have the ability for the public to report any issue on the highway, including potholes using our online tool.

"We urge the public to continue reporting any potholes they see which haven’t been marked already:

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