Huntingdon postie recognised for his ‘outstanding service’ during pandemic

Steve Day offered help and support to his community in Huntingdon during the pandemic.

Steve Day offered help and support to his community in Huntingdon during the pandemic. - Credit: Archant

A postman from Huntingdon has been commended for his outstanding service during the coronavirus crisis.

One customer described Steve Day as a “huge source of encouragement” by taking the time to stop and chat and to make sure they were safe while out on his rounds.

Now Steve will receive a special commendation from the local Covid-19 response team after the customer contacted Huntingdonshire district councillor Patrick Kadewere who passed the information, which described him as “the most incredible postman”, on to Royal Mail.

Cllr Kadewere said: “The postman was doing a very good job, going the extra mile to talk to people to make sure they were okay.

“This was a great example of getting on with people at this time.”

Royal Mail said Cllr Kadewere had got in touch to praise Steve and inform them that he had received the commendation from the customer.

They said Steve had been recognised by colleagues and customers alike for his outstanding service over the past few months.

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In the commendation the customer, who has not been named, said: “At the beginning of lockdown, we isolated for 12 weeks because my daughter stopped breathing in January and was hospitalised with severe bronchitis. So, for the first few months of lockdown, we didn’t see a single soul other than my partner, who was working ridiculous hours, and our wonderful postman, Steve Day.

“Steve made such an effort for us, taking the time to have a chat out front, asking if we were okay, did we need him to contact anyone for support, or if we needed any sanitiser or essentials to let him know.

Royal Mail said: “I’m aware that on his round, Steve is always taking the time to check in on those in need and for those more isolated and vulnerable. I genuinely believe that during these past few months, Steve has been a huge source of encouragement.

Councillor, Kadewere, added: “We are incredibly proud of how hard all of our key workers have worked throughout this pandemic. We are running the Covid-19 response team for Huntingdon and will be sending Mr Day a certificate signed by our organisation, myself as district councillor and the mayor of Huntingdon in recognition of his efforts.”