Popular radio soap opera coming back to the airwaves

Huntingdon Community Radio's managing director, Bill Hensley.

Huntingdon Community Radio's managing director, Bill Hensley. - Credit: Archant

Huntingdonshire is set to welcome back its own version of The Archers as a set of new actors, writers, and directors will be taking to the airwaves.

Huntsford was first broadcast on Huntingdon Community Radio in 2010 but, after a successful run, the soap went off air last year.

Now, after interest from more than 40 people to be a part of the re-launch of the radio soap opera, new episodes are being written, to be ready for broadcast early next year.

The show is based around Wavelengths Hairdressers in the fictional country town of Huntsford, and previously was thought by those involved to be the only long-running soap to appear regularly on a community radio station in the UK.

Director, Sue Rodwell-Smith said: “We want to make the programme funny but also topical so we will be writing scripts about things that concern in the community – not only in Huntingdonshire but nationally as well.”

“We will cover a whole range of topics including teenage pregnancy and drugs; it is going to be a mixture of hard hitting, topical and funny.”

Not only are there script writers, volunteers have also signed up to become producers, sound engineers and of course actors.

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On its first run the show, described as “honest, warm-hearted, camp and compelling” by the Radio Times, was recorded in a house in Hemingford Grey but now the group are set to have a state-of-the-art studio at the West Anglian Training Association.

Radio managing director, Bill Hensley, said: “Before we used to put a white sheet up in someone’s living room and then record from there but now we will have studio that will give us the sound proofing and the equipment we need to record the shows which will be fantastic.”

Once scripts are written and the studio is completed, episodes will air on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, in the mornings and repeated in the afternoons, with an omnibus on Sundays.