Police in Cambridgeshire are reminding people of the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt while driving after it was revealed that more than 600 penalty tickets were issued to motorists last year.

According to figures released by the force, 604 tickets were issued in Cambridgeshire between January and November last year, down from 1,393 in 2015.

Those caught not using the life-saving device can be fined up to £500 if prosecuted.

On January 31, 1983 it became law for drivers and front seat passengers (adult and children) to wear seatbelts for a three-year trial period. This was the twelfth attempt in 15 years to make seatbelt wearing compulsory.

More than 90% of drivers complied at the time and still do today. In 1986 both Houses of Parliament voted overwhelmingly to retain the requirement permanently. Further laws followed to include the rear of the cars and nowadays more appropriate restraints for children under 12 years old or 135cm in height.

To mark the anniversary of the law change and to raise awareness of the dangers of not wearing a belt, the force have launched a seatbelt quiz to test the public's knowledge of the seatbelt and the laws associated with it.

Traffic Sergeant Ian Manley from the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Road Policing Unit, said: "You are much more likely to be involved in a fatal road collision if you're not wearing this life-saving piece of equipment. The consequences of not wearing a belt when involved in a collision are potentially horrific.

"Those caught not using the life-saving device can be fined up to £500.

"The quiz is a bit of fun but it's also about giving the public valuable advice which could save their life."

To find out more about the quiz, log on to https://www.qzzr.com/c/quiz/325406/how-much-do-you-know-about-seat-belts.