Police warn cyclists about using Huntingdon’s High Street during restricted hours

High Street, in Huntingdon

High Street, in Huntingdon - Credit: Archant

Police in Huntingdon have warned cyclists that they could face a fine if they are caught using High Street during the day.

Officers say they have been made aware of repeated incidents of people flouting the rules in recent weeks and reminded cyclists that they should not be travelling along High Street between 10am and 4pm.

PCSO Shiralee George said: “There are still incidents of cycling along the High Street between 10am and 4pm. This is an offence and the cyclist could be issued a fixed penalty notice. This is also a one-way street and cyclist should only be cycling one way.

“There are signs to the entrance of the High Street and also to the entry on to Market Hill stating times and usage of the area.

“This behaviour is worse when school children are on their way home from school and are also cycling the wrong way along High Street.

“If your child cycles to and from school could I please ask that you inform your child of these highway rules.”