Police issue warning after distraction burglaries in district

A man was arrested after allegedly assaulting an off-duty police officer.

A man was arrested after allegedly assaulting an off-duty police officer. - Credit: Archant

Cambridgeshire Constabulary have issued a warning to residents in Huntingdonshire, after they received two reports of distraction burglaries in the district yesterday (May 18).

Police say distraction burglars often target elderly residents, with some even claiming they are from the ‘water board’ which no longer exists.

By distracting people, burglars are able to gain entry to homes and steal items, or take possessions in the street.

On May 17 at 2:30pm, police report a woman returned home to Thrapston Road in Spaldwick with her shopping. Two men asked her for directions, but while they were talking removed bank cards from her purse.

The cards were used to withdraw £500 from her account.

Police also reported on May 18 that the owner of a property in Eltisley Road in Waresley heard a bang and found a man in her living room doorway. He told the owner there had been a water leak.

He and another man left the property, but the owner realised 350 had been taken from her purse.

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A spokesman from Huntingdonshire Burglary Team said: “Do not let anyone in your home without seeing identification, if in doubt shut the door and call the water company, electricity or gas supplier direct to verify identities and ask if the visit should be expected.”

Residents are advised to call 101 or 999 if people are seen acting suspiciously or knocking on the doors of elderly people.