Police crackdown on anti-social drivers in St Neots


Police - Credit: Archant

POLICE have caught more than 30 motorists as part of an initiative to crackdown on anti-social driving in St Neots.

Since September, 36 motorists have been penalised, including 24 who were caught speeding, four who were issued with a warning which could result in their vehicle being confiscated or destroyed and one vehicle seizure.

After residents became frustrated with groups gathering at the Riverside Car Park to drive aggressively, play loud music and rev their engines until late into the night, police adopted anti-social driving as a priority.

Alongside Huntingdonshire District Council, they put posters up in the affected areas warning anti-social drivers that they could face having their vehicles confiscated or destroyed.

Sergeant Garry Webb said: “We will continue to crack down on drivers who are causing a nuisance to local people and our results already show we will take positive action.

“Working with Huntingdon District Council, we have produced these posters which I hope will act as a reminder to those drivers who ignore advice and legislation, that the police will not tolerate anti-social behaviour, and will deal with it appropriately.”

INFORMATION: Anyone with information about anti-social driving should call police on 101.