Police could increase patrols in St Ives bus station to combat abusive passengers

RESIDENTS in St Ives called for the police to prioritise patrols in the town’s bus station after a Milwall fan is alleged to verbally assault passengers whilst waiting for buses.

At the St Ives Neighbourhood Forum on Thursday, St Ives Town Councillor Colin Saunderson said that in December he and his wife were waiting there when a man wearing a football top started to shout at them and other passengers.

They called the police on 101 and despite a 10-minute wait to talk to an operator, officers turned up 10 minutes later and spoke to the man. Cllr Saunderson believes he has been a persistent offender at the bus station.

Insp Mark Greenhalgh said the police would look at stepping up patrols if it had been identified as a problem.

A police spokesman said since August, three reports of anti-social behaviour had been recorded at the bus station.