Hunts police called to 'numerous breaches' of covid regulations

Police in Hunts called to numerous breaches in Covid regulations. 

Police in Hunts called to numerous breaches in Covid regulations. - Credit: CAMBS POLICE

Police in Huntingdonshire have warned they are facing delays in dealing with people who need help because they are tackling "numerous" reports of breaches of the coronavirus regulations.

They have investigated cases of gatherings of people, businesses operating when they should not, people ignoring isolation rules and aggression to shop staff.

Sgt Dominic Carminati, of the Huntingdon Neighbourhood Team, said:  "Unfortunately, we’ve had to attend numerous reports of Covid breaches, including gatherings, businesses operating that shouldn't and people who have tested positive but are not isolating.
"There have also been incidents of people refusing to wear face masks in shops and being abusive towards staff."

He said: "Paying rule-breakers a visit could cause delay in us reaching people who really need our help.

"Thank you once again to all the wonderful people in our communities who are keeping to the rules and our appreciation to the army of other key workers out there doing an amazing job."