Pippa Middleton doll makes belated entrance in Huntingdon

Even a woolly version of Kate’s glamorous bridesmaid is turning heads in Huntingdon.

Pippa Middleton, Kate’s glamorous bridesmaid, has joined members of a knitted version of the Royal wedding party on display at Huntingdonshire Society for the Blind’s shop in Huntingdon.

The Royal wedding woollen dolls were knitted by mum of two Lorraine Phelan in just two weeks, but the 47 year old forgot to add Pippa and so quickly created a woolly version of her in the now famous Sarah Burton dress.

The complete Royal family set is now for sale at the shop in St Mary’s Street for �50. Society secretary Helen Bosworth said: “A few people have been in to have a look at it. It has created a lot of interest.”