Village phone box begins new life as library


A new library has been opened in a telephone box in Houghton.


Houghton and Wyton Parish Council has worked with the Houghton and Wyton Time Bank team to restore the telephone box and transform it into a library.

Time Bank members repainted it, building shelves and collecting magazines.

The library, was opened on May 28, by retired chairman of the parish council, Lesley Craig and is situated on The Green.

The telephone box is a listed building and the council purchased it from BT for £1 and decided to restore it and transform it into a library.

Vickie Graham, from Houghton and Wyton Timebank, said: “Once Houghton & Wyton owned the telephone box the parish council enlisted Councillor David Keane to be in charge of the renovations and to decide what we should transform the box into.

“The village already has a defibrillator box and decided to turn the telephone box into a library and information point for tourists to the Village.”

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The box has a system that allows people to borrow books and then replace them with a book they would like to donate.

Ms Graham added: “The library has been an instant success with many children and adults alike borrowing books and replacing them with new books.”

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