Petition started to keep St Ives footpath open

RESIDENTS in St Ives have started a petition to keep a footpath open that other neighbours believe is a haven for anti-social behaviour.

Jennifer Coville, of Laburnum Way, wants to protect the footpath between Burstellars Green and Kingsbrook.

“It’s an important route for children, dog walkers, and other people that has been used for the past 40 years,” she said. “Nearly everyone I have approached has signed the petition, which shows how strong the support is.”

However, Nigel Hookham, who lives next to the footpath, said: “I looked at closing the path in 2010 and was advised by the council to buy it. It’s a hotspot for anti-social behaviour, which is why I want to close it off. We’ve had windows smashed, a greenhouse was broken and lots of people urinating.

“Because people are there unseen they feel they can do whatever they want.”

A Cambridgeshire County Council spokesman said: “We have had a request to register the path as a public right of way. We will look at the evidence, which will take four to six weeks.”