PETER Andre was in Huntingdon today (Tuesday) filming his new programme 60 Minute Makeover.

TV crews were in Walnut Tree Close as a team of designers and builders redecorated a home in just 60 minutes.

Kerry Drinkwater, of Mandeville Road, Brampton, was one of the many fans who went to see the filming.

The 30-year-old said: "I found out that Peter Andre was in Huntingdon as it was all over Facebook. I just went to see him really and get his autograph in his book.

"I've always been a fan since his song Mysterious Girl, not a jolly screaming fan but just a fan and I've watched all of his shows, and 60 Minute Makeover is his latest one.

"There were about 30-40 people there to see him. I was the only one who took his book to get an autograph so he told me that he loved me."

The show is screened on ITV at 2pm and the Huntingdon programme is going to be one of a series of 30.

Last year DIY SOS filmed in Stukeley Meadows when a team of builders renovated Mum of the Year Julie Jones's home.