Perry teenager collects food donations for St Neots foodbank

Sophia Prew delivering food donations. 

Sophia Prew delivering food donations. - Credit: David Prew

A teenager from Perry has been collecting food donations to support the work of the St Neots Foodbank and to make sure people in the area do not go hungry. 

Sophia Prew, 13, first had the idea at Christmas time in 2020 when a festive food collection was set up for residents to donate items from the village.  

After the festivities,  Sophia felt strongly that collections should not come to an end and she wanted to continue to help. 

So Sophia decided to start a collection in Perry and encourage residents to carry on. The donations are taken down to the church in Great Staughton and then taken to the St Neots Foodbank where volunteers package everything up and redistribute them to people in need. 

David Prew, Sophia’s dad, said he was proud of his daughter. “The idea was to continue food bank donations, as the ones that were arranged in December mostly finished at Christmas and Sophia wanted to continue the good work done by everyone as the need for food had not stopped.”