Campaigners were on the streets of St Neots on Saturday taking part in the People’s Vote National Day of Action.

The campaigning group, which wants a public vote on the final Brexit deal between the UK and the EU, were talking to residents about their views on the negotiations.

As well as St Neots, events took place all over the country, with thousands of activists and supporters involved.

According to the campaign group, opinion polls show the majority of voters in most constituencies across Britain want their say on Brexit.

James Catmur, of St Neots and Huntingdon People's Vote, said: "It was very clear that most of the people we talked to want a People's Vote. Of those who indicated which type of Brexit they would prefer, two thirds would then like to remain in the EU and a third want to leave, almost all with a 'no deal' Brexit.

"Whatever form Brexit takes, it will leave us in a much worse position than the deal we already have as part of the European Union. That's why the final decision must now be handed back to the people - because only they can sort this mess out."