Middlefield Primary Academy unveil peaceful play area

Pupils and staff at Middlefield Primary Academy 

Pupils and staff at Middlefield Primary Academy in front of the peaceful play area. - Credit: Middlefield Primary Academy 

Middlefield Primary Academy in St Neots has unveiled a new "peaceful play area" so that pupils can enjoy a more restful breaktime. 

The idea of the Peaceful Play Area was developed by the Year 6 children in the summer term of 2021.  

Pupils recognised as they were getting older, they were less interested in playing active games and wanted somewhere to sit and chat with friends, quietly play a board game or read a book.  

Middlefield Primary Academy unveil near play area

Middlefield Primary Academy unveil near play area - Credit: Middlefield Primary Academy

They also recognised the importance of an restful area to support their mental health and communication skills as they could talk through problems in a calm relaxed place. 

The school PTA together with the children conducted a Zoom meeting with the class to discuss how they could make this space a reality for them and leave a lasting legacy at Middlefield.  Luke Carlsson carried out the work for free.

Charlotte Gardner, the Year 6 teacher, said: “It was wonderful to see so many of these incredible children return to Middlefield and cut the ribbon at the grand opening and see how their efforts have changed the face of our amazing school forever.”