First patients in St Ives to receive Covid-19 vaccination

Mr George Elsden and Mrs Shirley Elsden receiving their vaccination 

Mr George Elsden and Mrs Shirley Elsden receiving their vaccination - Credit: CCG

Three people at a GP Clinic in St Ives have become the first in the town to receive the Covid-19 vaccination.  

Kumankant Kanani and  George and Shirley Elsden received their vaccinations at the Grove Medical Practice in St Ives.  

Kumankant Kanani was very excited to have his COVID-19 immunisation.

Kumankant Kanani receiving his vaccination 

Kumankant Kanani receiving his vaccination - Credit: ccg


He said “it didn’t hurt at all” and he is looking forward to tell his friends he has had it. 

Mr George Elsden and Mrs Shirley Elsden have been living in Hemingford Grey for over 60 years having moved there when they got married.  

They were very happy they could both have their vaccine together.        

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 Dr Emma Gayton, GP Partner at Grove Medical Practice and Clinical Director for St Ives Primary Care Network said “I have never been as proud of being a GP in St Ives as I was this weekend during our first Covid-19 vaccination clinic. 

“Our patients were so happy to be vaccinated and braved the cold and rain, and sometimes dark conditions.  

“Our staff and volunteers gave up their weekends to work in the clinic and managed to vaccinate hundreds of local people.”