Couple slapped with parking fine while dropping off food to help charity

John Leaver stopped for less than two minutes to drop off food in Huntingdon to help those less fortunate.

John Leaver stopped for less than two minutes to drop off food in Huntingdon to help those less fortunate. - Credit: John Leaver/ National Parking Enforcement Ltd

A couple who parked for less than two minutes in Huntingdon while dropping off food to help vulnerable people – were “horrified” to be slapped with a £100 parking fine. 

John Leaver and his wife briefly stopped their car in The Walks, Huntingdon, to unload surplus food from their village’s harvest supper.  

The couple were keen to see several trays and boxes of items go to good use, so pulled up for one minute 57 seconds to drop off at Diamond Hampers.

The community shop helps people in financial crisis with food while working with various charities. 

But eight days later, Mr Leaver, aged 71, was shocked to get a parking fine in the post, saying he had parked on “private land”. 

“I was horrified that I would have to pay £100 that was reduced to £60 if I paid in 14 days,” he said. 

“I immediately appealed stating the reason for me being there was a charitable act on behalf of our village.  

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“The appeal was rejected and I felt I had no option but to pay rather than risk the increase.” 

National Parking Enforcement Ltd, who issued the fine after Mr Leaver’s trip on September 20, said despite stating his reasons for parking in the area, the ticket was correctly issued. 

Mr Leaver, from Abbots Ripton, continued: “We had several large trays and various boxes of items to deliver so when we got to the top of the passage way, I stopped my car on the road way beside the library.  

“My wife got out of the car and ran to the shop to find out where we could stop to deliver these heavy items.  

“She returned very quickly with two members of staff who directed us to the rear of the shop to unload. 

“There was no obvious signage saying not to park, so I find it all so unreasonable.” 

In a letter addressed to Mr Leaver from National Parking Enforcement, it read: “The private land that you have entered onto is a 24-hour restricted zone area where no stopping or waiting is permitted at any time of day.” 

The Hunts Post contacted National Parking Enforcement Ltd for a comment on more than one occasion, and are yet to hear back.