Parents praise for Huntingdon primary school despite poor inspection report

Thongsley Fields Primary School, in Huntingdon. Picture: GOOGLE.

Thongsley Fields Primary School, in Huntingdon. Picture: GOOGLE. - Credit: Archant

Two mothers have praised a Huntingdon school and its staff after it was branded a “shambles” by another parent.

The Hunts Post told how an interim executive board had been put in place at Thongsley Fields after it was given a “requires improvement” rating by Ofsted.

But Sianade Bell and Kerry Wallace, who have had children at Thongsley Fields for more than a decade, described the school as “amazing” and said they have had a lot of support from staff.

Sianade said: “Mine and Kerry’s children have been going to Thongsley Fields for over 10 years and we have had so much help and support from the teachers and deputy heads with all our children.”

She said her son, who had a learning disability and other problems and was now at Spring Common School, had received a lot of help in finding ways to learn, especially from deputy head Lisa Moule,

and was never made to feel any different to other children.

Sianade said her youngest daughter had meningitis as a new-born and developed hydrocephalus, which required 10 brain operations in six years.

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“Whilst she was in Addenbrooke’s Hospital last year after having four brain surgeries in a week, Miss Moule came out to visit us on her evening off bringing us gifts and lovely cards from Daisy’s class too.

“She has always been my shoulder to cry on when things have got hard. Never once telling me she is too busy, despite doing everything she can to help keep the school going.”

The two women said: “It’s not just Miss Moule who is amazing at the school but the whole of the staff in general. Yes, things did get tough when all the staff we have known and loved handed their notice in, but the current staff are trying so hard to keep positive and, best of all, the children haven’t suffered and are still working hard and still enjoying school.

“We do have such an amazing school that is so friendly and the staff have so much time and patience for the children.”

A mother of two pupils at Thongsley Fields had complained to The Hunts Post about the absence of the head teacher, resignation of teachers and the governors being “sacked”, saying parents were being left in the dark.

A Cambridgeshire County Council spokesman said the interim board would be in place for less than a year and would make sure it was compliant with statutory requirements as well as implementing best practice.

The spokesman said parents had been written to and the school was being led by the deputy head with support from the county while the head was on sick leave.