Parents and children are outraged by changes to the Hinchingbrooke School uniform that will see it drop bottle green as its main colour.

Hinchingbrooke's new uniformHinchingbrooke's new uniform

Letters were sent home on Friday informing parents that, from September, students will be required to wear a black blazer, white shirt and grey trousers or, for girls, a tartan skirt.

The school said the traditional green, which originates from the colour worn by the 1st Hunts Rifle Volunteer Corps, commanded by the Earl of Sandwich, will be represented by a clip-on tie, which will include a different colour for each year, as well as a green stripe on a grey V-neck sweater.

However, Tracey Pell, 43, a former student whose daughters attend the Huntingdon school, said this was the third change in uniform for some pupils and called for the school to change its plans.

"The school has changed its shield to a circle, meaning we had to buy new uniforms," she said. "For some, this is the third change as the school introduced new houses, so again it meant new uniforms.

What a bottle green uniform could look like at Hinchingbrooke.What a bottle green uniform could look like at Hinchingbrooke.

"I don't mind the fact they are trying to be more smart, I just don't want the school to lose its colour and its heritage, which dates back more than 150 years."

Another disgruntled parent, Karen Finnimore, said: "This action from the school puts more financial ­pressure on families already ­struggling with increased Council Tax bills and other expenses.

"The new school uniform is very impractical, especially for the girls cycling in skirts."

There is also a Facebook page called Keep Hinchingbrooke School Green, which has received more than 450 'likes'.

The new uniform will be introduced gradually. Students starting Year 11 in September will be exempt while students starting Year 8 will have until the start of the 2015 summer term to change.

Sixth-formers will still be able to wear casual clothing although this may be reviewed.

Principal Andrew Goulding said the idea had come from students.

He said: "This is an important step in making this school better, although it is not as important as the quality of teaching or exam results.

"If students are dressed for work it will help them come to school in the right frame of mind.

"I understand that parents are concerned with the cost but we will be offering an alternative which will be cheaper, and there is also a hardship fund available."

No prices have yet been revealed.

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