A group of dog lovers dedicated to the preservation of a rare breed of spaniel met up in Huntingdon on March 19.

Clumber spaniels and their owners at Hinchingbrooke Park, in Huntingdon.Clumber spaniels and their owners at Hinchingbrooke Park, in Huntingdon.

A spring walk event for the owners of the rare Clumber spaniel took place at Hinchingbrooke Park and saw 18 dogs in attendance, along with 34 owners and those interested in the preservation of the breed.

According to the Kennel Club, fewer than 200 Clumber puppies were born in the UK last year, compared with more than 32,000 Labrador puppies.

Barbara Weston, a member of the Walking with Clumbers group, said: "The Clumber spaniel is a rare native breed of dog, originally bred at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. Because it is so rare, with fewer than 200 puppies born a year, these walks held at country parks across the country offer the only opportunity many owners and their dogs get to meet, walk and talk with other owners."

Further information is available on the Walking with Clumbers Facebook page or by e-mailing Mrs Weston at barbaraweston57@gmail.com.