Oscar completes bike challenge for charity

N ELEVEN-year-old boy who suffers with an anxiety disorder put his fears to one side when he took to his bike on Saturday in aid of a mental health charity.

Godmanchester Primary School pupil Oscar Hand has suffered with the condition all his life but was only diagnosed a year ago.

The disorder means he worries excessively and will shy away from taking part in social activities. But the youngster, who lives in Wyton, summoned all his courage to undertake a 20 mile bike ride and raised �130 for charity Young Minds.

The ride saw him pedal through the Offords, Raveley and the Paxtons, alongside his grandfather Billy Marchant before heading back to the Chinese Bridge in Godmanchester, his starting point, where he was greeted by a welcoming committee.

Though the adventure cost him a night’s sleep through worry, mum Gemma Marmalade said he was raring to go again after completing the ride.

Mrs Marmalade, 32, said: “It was a really successful, lots of support. It went really well.

“Oscar was really anxious and worried about doing it. He got quite upset and didn’t sleep well the night before, but he did not want to let people down. It is a really positive thing. He managed to do it against his personal demons.

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“Oscar is a very thoughtful and a very bright boy. He does exceptionally well academically, but social interaction is very tricky for him.

“He can find some situations really difficult. Oscar feels very misunderstood. He wants to raise the profile of young people who suffer with mental health issues.”

Three per cent or about 290,000 children and young people in the UK have an anxiety disorder. Young Minds provides support for children who have mental health problems and their families.

To sponsor Oscar go to www.justgiving.com/oscarhand.