LETTER OF THE WEEK: ‘Government guidance on Covid is too little, too late’

This week's Hunts Post continues the We Need To Talk campaign and launches Think Local.

This week's Hunts Post continues the We Need To Talk campaign and launches Think Local. - Credit: Archant

“Having seen the latest Government guidance over Covid-19 and how to manage it, I am still left confused.

The message from the medical experts is that this is really, too little, too late. But I suppose we should be vaguely thankful that they are being consistent throughout the whole pandemic, as it has always been “too little, to late”.

The focus appears to have been on throwing as much money as possible on their mates (regardless of result) and trying to shut out any local efforts (while trying to blame local people for the increase in infections). The culmination of which was Boris Johnson’s statement last week that we all got complacent.

I found that insulting as I know many of us locally have taken Covid-19 far more seriously than a certain Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has from early March. I know that there are many local mutual aid groups throughout Huntingdonshire who have worked tirelessly to make sure that no one was left behind. I also know that the local knowledge and expertise has been ready to step up, but been side-lined in favour on lining consultancies pockets.

We are reaching a point where we have basically spent billions and have not got any useful outcome. There is a definition of insanity which is that you keep doing the same thing again and again but expect different results – in which case out Government is guilty as charged.

What do we need? Hand over test-and-trace to the local authorities that have the skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver the “world class” system as promised.

Accept that this will cost us for years to come and open the cheque book. Remember it took us until December 31, 2006 to pay off the WW2 debt.

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Please start providing some form of leadership and please, please, please start actually following the scientific advice when it’s given, and not two weeks later.”

James Goodman

Duck Lane,

St Neots.