A St Neots based social enterprise company has helped train people to take care of their physical and mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.

ABC Life Support took their training courses online during the first lockdown to help businesses and local residents.

They provided a range of first aid training courses for parents, those who work with children, workplaces and anyone who wanted to build their skills in emergency first aid.

CEO Danielle Bridge helped people learn about hazards in the home and how to also make sure they were taking care of their mental health.

She explained: “We have always wanted to help people who needed it the most but maybe did not know how to access it.

“Our training sessions during the first lockdown were to make people aware of what to do if they were at home and they had a burn or if someone fell unconscious, for example.

“We also gave awareness to mental health; of how people can take care of themselves and enable them to take responsibility for their actions.

“We can’t fix everything but if we start the conversation about mental health then it can help people to feel better.

“It is great to be able to do a lot of the impactful work that we do.”

The company has worked with charities across Cambridgeshire including the YMCA and Barnardo’s.

They are also focusing on the rise in mental health concerns in young adults and children during the pandemic.

Danielle stressed that there is support available for youngsters who had been struggling.

“The mental wellbeing of our young people has never been under so much pressure,” she added.

“If you want to help support the young people around you, we are running a number of courses where you can learn how you can help them, identify the triggers and learn to listen.

“The Mental Health First Aid England Youth course is a great way to start.”

For further information on Mental Health First Aid courses, please contact ABC Life Support on 0800 046 7410.