The mayor of St Ives has praised everyone for their involvement and “fantastic efforts” in the town’s first online carnival and music festival.

Every year a parade of brightly coloured trucks and performers would usually drive through the town centre of St Ives for people to see.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the chairman of St Ives Carnival and Music Festival decided to host this year’s carnival online.

People went to great lengths to dress up the front of their houses, whilst Jonathan Pallant, the mayor of St Ives, accompanied by the mayoress, their young family and deputy mayor Pasco Hussain drove round the streets of St Ives to judge the ‘house floats’.

Cllr Pallant said: “It was a fantastic effort by all involved, it was incredible to see people’s homes dressed up in certain themes, such as Nashville and there was even a cruise liner.”

Front Garden dressed up as Nashville                                                                PICTURE: Charlote LevensFront Garden dressed up as Nashville PICTURE: Charlote Levens

After a difficult decision, winner was a family that had built a cruise liner in their front garden, using blue plastic sheeting to represent the sea.

There were three winners overall and they were all awarded a luxury hamper, donated by the Co-op, in St Ives.

Charlotte Levens, chairman of the carnival, said she was blown away by the way the community made the carnival feel as close as it could to the real thing.

Miss Levens said: “Wow. How amazing are the people of St Ives?

St Ives Carnival                                                                                           PICTURE: Charlote LevensSt Ives Carnival PICTURE: Charlote Levens

“Last Saturday we saw the town come together to decorate their front gardens and, in some cases, even the streets.

“Seeing everyone having so much fun was heart-warming and amazing to see, every street made us feel unbelievably welcome.

“The judges all did a fantastic job of judging the ‘house floats, they found it really difficult to choose the winners as the standard was incredibly high.

Miss Levens wanted to thank everyone involved, and added: “We as a committee would like to thank the mayor, mayoress, deputy mayor and of course the people of St Ives who sent in their videos including all the bands, dance schools, youth theatre’s, majorettes, DJ’s and everyone who decorated their front gardens and/or got into the spirit of what can be done when we all pull together.”

St Ives Carnival 1st place winners                                                        PICTURE: Charlote LevensSt Ives Carnival 1st place winners PICTURE: Charlote Levens

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