Debbie Thorburn is in the fast lane – helping to prevent crime and create a safer community – thanks to a new electric bike.

The police community support officer (PCSO) can now get around her beat in Godmanchester quicker, working with residents in the fight against crime.

The Tudor Fields Residents Group (TFRG) supported a bid for funding for the bike made by community housing officer Trudie Budnik. The funding was supplied by the Friends of Muir Group (FOMG), the charity arm of Muir Group Housing Association.

"We work very closely with the residents' group and we know the hard work that they and PCSO Thorburn do to create a safe community that our residents are proud to live in," said Jan Kaneen, community engagement officer with Muir Group.

Les Patterson, chairman of FOMG, said Debbie was well-respected in the neighbourhood. "We were happy to partner up with the police to provide a new bike that will ensure her good work continues," he added.

PCSO Thorburn said: "This marvellous bicycle has already assisted me so much in my patrols. It enables me to reach places a bit further afield as well as get there quicker if needed."