‘Olympics inspired young people to take up sport’ - Huntingdon Olympic Torch bearer

JULY 8, 2012. It will forever remain a very special date for me.

It was the day I had been given the opportunity to carry the Olympic torch in Huntingdon after being nominated by one of my athletes, Alice Galloway.

The whole experience was amazing , something I will never forget. What stands out the most was how many people turned up to see the torch. I had persuaded myself that only my family and friends would turn up to give me company as I jogged my allotted 300 metres, but the number of people was overwhelming.

It may have been thousands, and certainly felt like it with all of them wanting to get a photo with the torch. I tried so hard to let everyone get a chance, and felt very proud to give them that chance to share with me a piece of Olympic history.

The Olympics was of course probably the best sporting event that will ever be played out in Great Britain and it was amazing to have been involved in a very small way.

The games themselves were fantastic and everybody seemed to be talking about it. The most asked question of the summer being: “Did you manage to get any tickets?”

As a coach, the thing I love the most is that even though the Olympics finished around three months ago now, I am still seeing more and more athletes young and old wanting to take up athletics. They all come so inspired and motivated and it’s a lovely thing to see. Now I have young athletes asking me if I can help them to reach the 2016 or 2020 games saying they want to dedicate themselves to reaching their goals.

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After all the amazing performances, drama, and media attention the Olympics has given to sport, in my opinion, it’s the motivation and inspiration it has given my athletes and new people to sport that is the real Olympic legacy.