Olympic gold medallist Sophie Hosking visited Ernulf Academy, St Neots, to give inspirational talks about her sporting success yesterday.

As part of the school's ACE day for Key Stage Three pupils, they are encouraged to aspire to achieve their goals, challenge themselves and excel in their school work.

Ms Hosking gave a one hour talk to each of the three year groups about her rowing career, focussing on the concept of aspiring to excellence for the year 7s, challenging yourself for the year 8s and excelling in your career for the year 9s.

After the visit, pupils were asked to take part in tasks such as creating a newspaper, writing their dreams on a balloon and attending a careers fair.

This will be the first of three ACE days designed to motivate the students to work towards their futures.

Lindsay Townley, Assistant Headteacher, said: "It was totally inspirational. The talk she gave was to inspire the students and to give them move drive to be the best they can be."