Olivia and Oliver remain most popular baby names in Cambridgeshire

Decisions, decisions...: Trying to choose the right name for a baby.

Decisions, decisions...: Trying to choose the right name for a baby. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A list of Cambridgeshire’s most popular baby names from the past year has been released.

The top five most popular names for boys were Oliver, Harry, George, William and Joshua, while the top five girls’ names were Olivia, Amelia, Charlotte, Isla and Emily.

As well as the more traditional choices, Cambridgeshire County Council’s registration service revealed the less well-known names chosen in the county last year.

Names like Memphis, Fox and Atlas for boys and Juniper, Amity and Sage for girls appeared on the list of names Cambridgeshire parents chose for their children in the past year.

In England and Wales, you have a maximum of 42 days from the birth of the baby to register their birth name.

Registration service manager, Louise Clover said: “We always advise people to imagine their new baby as an adult when deciding a name, as something cute for a small baby may not work so well for an adult.

“It’s always interesting to register a new name, and we do sometimes see patterns depending on what’s popular in the media.”

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The registration service added that none of the names put forward in Cambridgeshire this year were refused, with names like Scochia, Teal, Phineas and Cosette among those accepted.