Olive Indian providing fruit trees to countries in need

Abul Choudry and Rimadh Ahmed from Olive Indian. 

Abul Choudry and Rimadh Ahmed from Olive Indian. - Credit: Abul Choudry

The Olive Indian restaurant in St Neots has become first business in Cambridgeshire, to sign up to a new sustainability scheme.

Owner Abul Choudry has received a certificate from SustainablyRun, an initiative which helps sustainable, green living for the planet and supports less privileged countries. 

The certificate confirms that two trees have been planted and the three countries in the scheme are Africa, Asia or South America.

Abul  says he is delighted to be involved in the scheme, adding: “For restaurants like ours where we now have diners coming in, we can make a contribution to the world.  

"People can choose for a small portion of their food bill to go towards planting a fruit tree. In third world countries, these trees, such as mango trees, are planted, which will harvest crops.  

“It is giving hope for people, knowing that at least businesses in the UK can join the scheme and can help these people in need."

If you would like to find out more about the scheme go to www.sustainably.run/